Add Value to Your Rentals During Quarantine

Quarantine gave us all the perfect opportunity to have time to ourselves as well as with our families. Make the best of it by doing small things to add value to your rental property.

By doing a simple visual inspection of the home, room by room, you can check many of these off your list.

Windows & Doors

Improperly sealed windows and doors can increase the cost of your monthly bills. The outdoor air affects your thermostat and therefore increases your electricity bill. Test the seals by moving your hand & slowly follow the frame of the window to make sure there are no breezes coming through. If you do see an issue, however, you can replace the seals or caulk the open spaces.

Fridge Doors

To make sure that your fridge is kept at the proper temperature, you can test the seals of the door. A simple way to test this is by using a piece of paper. Close your fridge door on a piece of paper and if you can?t pull it out then your seals are intact. While you are there, you can vacuum the back of the fridge condenser coils to keep them free of dust.


Check all the sinks in the home for leaks. You can find plenty of online videos to show you how to fix a leaky sink depending on the type of faucet you are working with.


You can fix small plumbing issues should you find them. Let’s say you notice that the pipes are slow to drain. You can purchase a plumber?s snake (sometimes called a manual auger) or plumbing liquid that will flush the clog right out.

A/C Filters

One might ask, how often should I change my A/C filter? The answer is every 90 days (3 months). Or every 60 days (2 months) if you own a pet friendly home. Failure to properly maintain the upkeep of these filters can cause your system to fail. So it is important to keep track of when you need to change them again!

Laundry Room

Cleaning the dryer lint trap as well as checking for any leaks in the washing machine hoses will help you keep the appliance running smoothly. It will also help avoid any costly needs to replace it later on.


Again, just by doing a quick outside inspection you can spot areas that need improvement. If your rental is in a HOA community, then you shouldn?t have to worry as much. However, you can still take note of ways to make your yard look better. Simple things such as sweeping the driveway or raking the leaves can improve the look of a home drastically. Make sure you do an inspection of the gutters. Depending on what foliage surrounds your home, you might be able to get away with cleaning them only twice a year.

Doing simple inspections and small repairs on your home will impress your future guests as well as add value to your home.??

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