Navigating Gate Access Systems

Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, no doubt you are familliar with gate systems. All gated communities, resort communities & many private neighborhoods use these systems to control who is entering into the area.

Some communities have a 24/7 guarded gate to grant you access. Some systems include a pre-registered code that is assigned to each individual house or owner. Generally, the owner can generate their own codes & therefore can be used by whoever the owner wishes.

Resort Communities

Resort communities have more security. Occasional vacation renters, thanks to Airbnb & VRBO are common. In order to reduce trespassers, some codes have to be created daily or weekly & expire after a certain time. Resorts can use different gate access systems. Some are easier than others to navigate.


If you are a homeowner, contact the HOA of the community or neighborhood your house is located in. Find out the specific system they are using and keep up to date with it. Communities can change their gate access systems constantly so it is good to learn & understand the updated system. Inputting guests into an online system is generally easy. Only the full names of all guests or drivers and the dates of stay are needed.


Are you a tenant renting from a management company? Ask them what gate system is used in the area you are renting. It could be a simple code you can manually type in. It could also be an automated system that requires a car to be registered or a pass to be given.

If a tenant is renting from a homeowner or a property management company, there are a few steps.

First, the owner or manger has the responsibility to register the new tenant with the gate access system.

Second, the tenant needs to go the clubhouse of the resort & show them their paperwork & documents. Proof needs to be given of their lease so they can receive access cards for their guests.

Gate access systems can be frustrating at first. But once you understand what is needed & how it do it, its simple.

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