Why Should Tenants Consider Renting From a Property Manager?

Why should a tenant rent from a property management company other than the homeowner directly?


Property managers have a whole list of companies at their disposal. They constantly use companies for plumbing, electricity, internet, cable or handyman services. They know who to trust and who can get the job done within a quicker time window.

24/7 Service:

Instead of just one person trying to handle everything, a property management team can multitask effectively & efficiently. Staff are on hand or available by phone to help out with any situation pertaining to the home.

Lease Agreements:

Property managers create a general lease agreement for all their tenants. It will be the same rules & regulations for every property. There is no need to worry about minor rules or restrictions that can be set to specific tenants.

Tenant/Homeowner Software:

Since property management companies tend to manage more than one home, they require software to manage everything in one place. This tends to offer the functionality of a tenant and homeowner portal for easy transparent tracking, maintenance requests and updates all in one place. This also enables tenants to make their payment online right from their phone or computer to eliminate the hassle of driving to deliver rent, postage for mailing your rent or high bank transfer fees that isn?t easily trackable.

Conveniently Located:

Homeowner?s tend to be located out-of-state when you rent directly. Property managers need to be near the home in order to check on it regularly. Their offices are normally within a few miles from the home, offering a chance for tenants to talk to someone in person, if need be.

The next time you are looking to rent a home, look into the option of renting from a property management company!

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