Monthly Vacation Rentals-What are the Benefits?

We are all stuck at home, most are working from home and kids are schooling from home. At first it was exciting to spend time with the family. After a while though, the same routine gets old. Those who are comfortable with traveling are ready to stay in a safer vacation destination. That?s why ?staycations? or ?flexcations? are popular now. Families can safely escape their usual home life and explore a different environment while still social distancing from others. A vacation rental provides a home away from home. Families can travel however they prefer and arrive in a clean pristine vacation rental. Staycations provide a relaxing work environment and exciting school trip adventure.

What are the benefits for vacation rental owners?

Consistent Revenue

Offering guests to stay longer in a vacation rental ensures that the home isn?t just sitting vacant. Be flexible regarding monthly staycations to receive regular revenue.

No Calendar Vacancies

Vacation rental owners have been impacted by the lack of travelers. Many have had a rude awakening when they realize the lack of bookings in the calendar. Longer flexcations consisting of 30-60 day rentals will increase the number of bookings and fill in those missing dates.

Less Repairs and Maintenance

When there are fewer guests staying in the home, there tends to be less wear and tear on the home. Shorter stays with more guests increases the chances of extra needed repairs or time and money spent constantly cleaning. When guests stay in a home for a longer period of time, they care for that home like it was their own.

With CDC now retracting the 14 day mandatory quarantine, families are more comfortable with traveling again. What a great time to become a staycation host! Start by allowing monthly rentals and be flexible concerning your rental. By doing so, you will see an increase in bookings, receive a more consistent cash flow and have less wear and tear on your home.

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