Exceptional Housekeeping-How Can It Increase Your Profits?

Housekeepers, maids, cleaners, they are all the superheroes of the vacation rental industry. Why? The cleanliness of a vacation rental makes a huge impact on the guests and their reviews. All reviews are directed to the level of the cleanliness of a home. Having exceptional housekeepers will improve your home, your reviews, and your wallet. How?

Reduce Marginal Costs

By properly cleaning the house linens such as towels and sheets, there is less need to replace such items. Housekeepers can also report small issues found in the home so that they can be immediately fixed before they develop into more costly repairs.

Guest Satisfaction Index

When a guest looks to book a home, the number one thing they look at are the reviews. Homes with great reviews will out book any other home. You can have two identical houses, but if one has better reviews, that one will get the majority of bookings hands down. Houses are like people, the first impression will either make or break the relationship. If a guest comes into a stunningly clean home, they will be much more tolerantly inclined than a home they are disappointed to stay in.

Create Brand Value

Cleanliness sells! While advertisements and promotions help your bookings, don?t underestimate the power of cleanliness. A clean and well maintained vacation rental will advertise itself. Great housekeeping will establish a high standard for the discerning guests.

Some vacation rental owners make the mistake of thinking they don?t need to invest in a good housekeeping company. Great housekeeping can improve your vacation rental & increase your profits in numerous ways.?

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