What Are the Essentials For a Thriving Vacation Rental?

Vacation rentals have been popular for many years. Their popularity rapidly increasing since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. What makes vacation rentals so great, especially now, is the privacy. They allow guests to enjoy their vacation with only their family & maybe close friends. No need to worry about common areas with other guests.

Perhaps you are asking yourself what do I need to create a thriving vacation rental? Remember you are not just providing a home, you are providing an experience. You want your home to be as appealing as possible. Granted, you won’t enchant every person who walks into the home. But you can create such an environment that will guarantee satisfied guests every time.

Outside Looking In

What is your area known for? What places close by draw tourists? Appeal to that demographic. If your area is known for beautiful beaches, advertise how close you are to those beaches. If your home is located close by Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, pop that in the description. The majority of guests staying in your home will be tourists visiting for that particular attraction.

A lot of people travel for business conventions and conferences. If your rental place is in a city, advertise the distance from the convention center, from downtown, or from high end restaurants and bars. Any rental property has the capability to be successful, just have to pull at the right strings.

My House My Design

While this is definitely true, you have to remember the interior design of your home will advertise itself. Each vacation home will have a different personal flare. Make yours stand out from the other rental properties in the area.

There are so many ways to decorate a home. Some homes have the same theme throughout. Want a jungle theme? Decorate the entire home as a jungle. You could also decorate each individual bedroom with a unique theme. Sometimes scouting out other rental homes in the area helps you decide what themes to do and not to do. Decorate with your guests in mind.

Just be cautious that you don?t spend too much. Remember, this home will have a lot of guests. There will be wear and tear from time to time. Have a reasonable budget but a creative mind.

It’s All About The Small Details

A few essentials will be needed in your home before accepting any guests. Furniture is of course a must. Depending on the number of bedrooms in the home, you’ll need to decide the number & size of beds in each. Be careful not to overcrowd your bedrooms. Rule of thumb is 2 people per bedroom. This helps as a fire hazard as well as preventing any overcrowding.

Provide kitchen essentials such as dinnerware, silverware, and glasses. Enough cookware sufficient for the occupancy of the home. Coffee pots, blenders, & toasters are practical kitchen appliances. Imagine your guests having to travel across the globe with a toaster in their bag. Or going to the store and spending additional money buying appliances they will only use for a week. Having simple kitchen essentials ready for your guests will add to the completeness of the home.

Splish Splash

Does your home have a pool? Vacation rentals do not need to have a pool to be popular. Don?t be thinking you need to spend a lot of money just to install a pool. However, if a pool is at the property, create a relaxing ambience around it. Guests will not like to be in a pool that is dirty or not properly maintained. Depending on your area, bugs and other creatures may be an issue. Do what needs to be done so your guests can enjoy the pool bug-free.

What makes a normal vacation rental versus a fantastic vacation rental starts with the basics. These are basic essentials needed for rental property owners to establish a thriving vacation rental anywhere.

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